30/09/2016 21:55

We are experiencing some network issues due to a DDoS attack. Our network engineers are working hard to mitigate this attack. We'll report back as soon as more information is available.


30/09/2016 22:06

Only a small part of our network is affected. 


30/09/2016 22:16

Mitigation was put in place at 22:00. The attack is still ongoing but is currently being mitigated. The network and services are recovering.


30/09/2016 22:39

The attack was aimed directly at the routing engine of one of our network switches. We have updated the traffic policers on our edge routers to reduce the amount of traffic which can reach our core network. The attack is still ongoing, but doesn't impact availability of our core network any longer.

Service is fully recovered.

We will continue to monitor our network the next couple of hours in case the attacks decide to change their attack strategy.

Friday, September 30, 2016

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